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Can eye Kik it? Yes eye can!

Another kwikkie today but had to share as I fell in love with the new unisex but to me beautifully elfin cropped Ken hair from Kik and squeed with delight over their 20L nature inspired glasses and I was so lucky- got all different ones! The antlers are my fave but piggy ears, leaves, little horns and cute mushrooms can all be found adorning these woody specs. Nearby two pairs of glasses with 7 colour changes for just 40L! So if you fancy something different, please go check out the cute glasses at Kik. Also thanks Eden Knoller for the mouth sticker- I love it! All eyes are from Negaposi- they truly are masters of the glossy, shiny, mysterious, expressive eye and here are some great bargains to be had!

o-Glasses-o 20L Variety of Megane glasses from the gacha machine at Kik

o-Eyes-o Negaposi from the Mystic and Vampire Eye ranges (typically 30L for each pair prim eyes) 4 fatpacks are now reduced to 50L in store including these two

o-Skin-o Mother Goose’s: Hena (2) from the Lucky Board- I have had several unusual skins from the LB’s there- it really is very varied and random but this one I adore and can’t stop wearing!

o-Hair-o Kik: Ken- Dirty Blonde (yay wiz zees ‘air, I can do blonde- woot!)


“Originality is simply a pair of fresh eyes”…

Ok so the writer didn’t mean literally but here in SL we can change eye colour to match our outfit or mood, find fantasy or anime eyes and of course a huge selection of glasses and gorgeous lashes.
My working background is in visual impairment and helping the public learn more about the realities of living with sight problems , so its fair to say, I have always had an interest in eyes (and have also been a f/t glasses wearer since childhood myself). Seeing lots of enquiries in groups about good places to find eyes in SL, I decided to draw this information together in a blog, which I hope you might find useful.

My aim is to feature exceptional eyes and eyewear, both offers and regular price and would love to hear more about your personal favourites.

So without further ado, on with a limited number offer you might like to look (ach ignore any bad eye puns) into.

Deviant Style is offering a number limited group gift right now of an 8 pack of Magic Eyes II- as well as rich brown, vibrant blue and lucid green, you get a deep purple, stunning silver, outrageous orange, striking yellow and wild red, so perfect for an everyday or fantasy look.

At the time of publishing there were 69 sets left, so head on over to Deviant Style and don’t miss out! The lashes are my personal favourite for everyday loveliness: Long Lashes by Pulse